Bangkok - Services


Wifi connection

Wifi connection is available for Amadeus guests.
Please contact Training Centre to receive username and password.


Technical Support

Support is available for laptop connections and for audio visual equipment.
Please contact guest relations at the reception.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting facilities are available for internal and external meetings.
Please contact guest relations at reception to reserve the room.

Learning center - Bangkok - Services

Local calls are provided free of charge. Please dial '9' followed by the number.
For international calls, please contact guest relations at reception.

Messages and Faxes

Incoming messages and faxes will be delivered to you.
Please ensure your name is mentioned on incoming faxes.
Please contact guest relations at reception if you need assistance.

Car park

Car parking is available in the 'All Seasons' complex.
Follow the sign and instructions of car park officer. You will require the coupons with stamp to exit the car park. Please obtain the coupons with stamp from Training Centre prior to departure.


Smoking is not permitted in the Amadeus Asia office or inside the Capital Tower building.
There are smoking areas outside the building.


In case of emergency where evacuation is necessary, please follow the instructions of our Floor Warden and Deputy Floor Warden in order to leave the premises safely. Emergency exits are available on each floor. Please try to avoid using the elevators during an emergency evacuation.